In Partnership with MacEwan University

Vertical Hydroponic Tower Gardens:
Indoors, year-round, local to MacEwan University.


We are happy to take over the Tower Gardens Project at MacEwan University starting in 2020. This project uses vertical hydroponic grow units to grow veg even in the deep of winter. Pumps flow water with added nutrients over the roots that grow in the middle of the towers, and electric lights mimic the sun. We are excited to be able to provide produce grown in these units to MacEwan Staff and grown right where you live, learn, and work!


Why We Love it:  Local Resilience, Saved Waste.

Our cold winters make us extra reliant on food grown in warmer climates: we truly believe that the next step to strengthening our local food systems is finding ways to grow, store, and save food over the wintertime. Local food also produces less waste: less gas is used moving it around, there's no fridges during transport, no plastic packaging or bulk packaging, and any not sold, or not growing well can be composted locally and turned into nutrients for outdoor crops!

Whats Growing?

We have: Basil, Salad Mix, Asian Greens, Kale and Cilantro ready to order.

Growing up: Arugula, Spinach, Dill, Parsley, Chamomile, Mint, Peppers, Eggplant.

Super local, grown on Campus and in Residence.

There are 12 of these grow units located in the 'moat' right inside the MacEwan U Residence building. Peek down into the basement and you can see the towers! You can even hear the rush of water as the pumps turn on every 45 minutes. There are an additional 3 units located at the bottom of the spiral staircase in building 7 (currently closed due to COVID-19).


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